What is ED1000 Treatment ?

  • Low intensity shock waves has been used in Cardiology for more than 10 years with great success in treatment of patients with obstructive coronary heart disease who suffer from decreased flow of blood due to narrowed diseased vessels.The low intensity acoustic shock waves cause generation of new blood vessels with consequent increase of blood supply to the heart; thereby bypassing those obstructed vessels.
  • This time, same technology with the new ED1000 device has been used for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction due to narrowed diseased vessels in the penis which can not bring enough blood to start or keep erection. With the same therapetic effect mechanism as in the heart; ED1000 low intensity shock waves stimulate generation of new blood vessels in the penis. This enables more blood to reach penis in order to start and maintain erection, thereby bypassing those obstructed vessel responsible for Erectile Dysfunction. 
  • This breakthrough innovation; ED1000 has made a revolution in treatment of Erectile Dysfunction by causing generation of new blood vessels in the penis called Angiogenesis. Consequently, ED1000 treats NOT ONLY THE SYMPTOMS as what the medications and herbal remedies do, but  ED1000 also treats the UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSE of this problem; diseased blood vessels.  And this is why  ED1000 therapy succeeds long lasting results. 
  • The biggest impact of  ED1000 therapy is that FIRST TIME EVER it gives a treatment opportunity with NO MEDICATIONS,  NO PAIN,  NO SIDE EFFECTS and  LONG  LASTING  RESULTS.
  • ED1000 Therapy also  INCREASES  PENIS  THICKNESS  5 mm or more, observed 1 month from the last  ED1000 therapy session.