• Successful and lasting erection depends on sufficient blood supply to penis. Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence originating from inadequate blood supply to penis due to vascular disease comprises about 70% of all Erectile Dysfunction patients.
  • The effect of all oral medications and penile injections are based on "vascular dilatation" in Erectile Dysfunction patients of vascular origin and therefore provide a temporary increase in blood supply to penis for a sufficient erection which lasts only hours to days until medications are cleared from the body. Moreover, oral medications are absorbed through the bowel and distributed by blood to all the body organs and therefore their "vascular dilatation" effect is not limited to penis. Because of the systemic widespread effects of these oral medications in all body organs, a number of side effects are also seen. Among the most important of these side effects is the death risk in patients with coronary artery disease. Other well known side effects of oral medications : Headache, Dizziness, Hypotension, Permanent vision loss, Facial flushing, Stomach pain, Nasal congestion, Nausea, Diarrhea, Loss of hearing, Ringing in the ears, Inability to differentiate between the colors green and blue
  • A new revolutionary innovation for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction; ED1000 Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy has made a big impact since it has become available worldwide for 3 years : 

......1. ED1000 therapy is a  LOCAL  therapy  applied  ONLY  TO  PENIS, therefore there is no possibility to effect other remote organs             and.create side effects. On the other hand, medications taken orally are absorbed via intestines and distributed by blood to all ........ .remote organs of the body, therefore effecting all the organ systems with the consequent well known unwanted side effects.

......2. "New Vessel Generation" is the underlying mechanism of  ED1000 therapy and therefore the effects are long lasting. On the .........  other hand, oral medications and penile injections have machanism of effect by "vascular dilatation" and therefore their effect .........  ends when these medications are cleared from the body in hours or days.

  • In 15 minute treatment sessions performed by  ED1000 therapy, one of body's most important natural healing mechanism is activated; stem cell recruitment on vascular endothelial walls. These progenitor stem cells cause new vessel formation resulting in increased blood supply to penis. With restoration of normal blood supply to penis, successful and sustainable erections are returned as in young ages, with long lasting therapetic effect.
  • ED1000 therapy is a new breakthrough innovation with  NO  MEDICATIONS,  NO  PILLS,  NO  PAIN,  NO  SIDE-EFFECTS  and  LONG LASTING  results. 
  • ED1000 therapy requires  no  patient  preparation either before or after the therapy. 
  • ED1000 therapy is a  New  Revolutionary Treatment Method based on  Activation of Body's Natural Healing Mechanisms for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction to return back to a healthy sexual life.