REVOLUTIONARY Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

ED1000 Low Intensity Shock Waves create new blood vessels with consequent restoration of blood supply to penis and hence recovery of natural erection mechanism. NO PAIN, NO  SIDE  EFFECTS  and  LONG  LASTING  RESULTS...This breakthrough innovative new technology is accepted as a revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence. ED1000 is a dedicated device developed for treatment of erectile dysfunction. ED1000 therapy is given in 15 minute sessions with a total of 6 to 24 sessions with minimum 48 hours apart, resulting in 80% success rate with No medications, No pain, No side effects and Long lasting results.

With  ED1000 therapy;

....1. Patients will NO LONGER need pills or other medications,

....2. Pill or Medication dependent Severe patients will need MUCH LOWER DOSE for maintenance,

....3. Severe Patients previously unresponsive to pills or medications will turn to BECOME RESPONSIVE after the treatment.

Low intensity shock waves has been used in Cardiology for more than 10 years with great success in treatment of patients with obstructive coronary heart disease. For the last 3 years, same technology is been used in treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in more than 10.000 men in the world with outstanding results. With 14 centers across Turkey, our results with ED1000 therapy are even better than the results published in scientific medical literature in the world.